Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey All.........I haven't blogged in a while...........been super busy at my shop and with my family.  But I thought I'd share a great book with you all on this cold snowy day.  Yes, we are expecting snow in Georgia today!

VINTAGE is one of my favorite books, because as you must have figured out, is set in a vintage dress/accessories shop in Madison, Wisconsin.  The name of the shop is Hourglass Vintage and the owner Violet Turner, take you on a tour of owning a shop like this.  You her follow along on the daily adventures of shopping for vintage items and engaging customers.

It's a great read for a snowy day, while you are curled up on the couch with a hot cup of tea.  You'll be warmed by the friendships and bonds made with her new employee, April, and a dear customer, Amithi.  April is pregnant when she begins to help Violet at her shop, hoping to bring the bookkeeping methods up to date and to computerize everything for the shop.  And Amithi is a favorite customer of Violet's, who is betrayed by her husband.  She begins selling her Indian clothing items to the Vintage Hourglass shop, in an effort to leave her past life behind.  Violet pleasantly discovers that Amithi is a fabulous seamstress, which comes in handy at the shop.

This is a must read for anyone interested in vintage clothing, vintage shops, flea markets, etc.  It is very heartwarming and such a great book to enjoy!

Please share your favorite book with you have a favorite?

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